Paradigm Shift in Driving and the Electric Vehicle Adoption Curve

PhotobucketYesterday, I wrote a post featuring a video on our driving habits and how they’re likely to change, given our newfound spirit of environmental stewardship. It seems that more and more of us every day are ceasing to define ourselves in terms of the cars we drive, as we’re realizing that our love for the zoom and sex appeal of internal combustion engines is a selfish and shallow thing — and not a part of who we really are.

I compared this phenomenon to wearing fur coats. They feel good, they keep you warm, and they tell the world that you can afford the best. But they come at the expense of incredible cruelty to the animal kingdom. One morning a few decades ago, we woke up, smacked our palms against of collective foreheads, and decided that this was simply not acceptable behavior for civilized people.

I believe the same epiphany is right around the corner in transportation. Here’s the video.

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