Put Craig Shields to Work as Your Plug-In Marketing Department

Put Craig Shields to Work as Your Plug-In Marketing DepartmentI’m available to take on some more work for clients at this point.   If you or your company are struggling to find a good source for any of the following, please let me know and let’s talk about it.

• Writing and Other Aspects of Content Creation.  This can mean anything from ghost-writing a book to generating content for your blog, corporate website, Facebook page, etc.

• Marketing Strategy, Branding, Positioning, and Research.  This of course, is my core strength as a businessman.  It’s how I was successful in my “past life” with my clients that included IBM, H-P, Philips Electronics, FedEx, Sony, AT&T, 3M, Porsche, Unisys, ABB, 3Com, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

• Establishment of Strategic Business Partners.  Again, this is fairly broad, but can include: the development of sales channels, technology licensees, beta-customers, contract manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, and rep organizations–as well as your relationship with regulatory and advisory bodies and industry luminaries.

I look forward to the conversation.

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One comment on “Put Craig Shields to Work as Your Plug-In Marketing Department
  1. Frank Kobor says:

    If there is any company,and/or individual that would like to be a business partner in opening up a whole new market for renewable energy in South West Florida. Then I would like to be a part of that conversation. Contact Kobor51@aol.com. Thank you Frank

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