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George Alger: 2GreenEnergy Business Director

What do you get when you toss a marketing technologist, a nature and National Park lover, a photographer, a Cable TV Producer, an organic dark chocolate addict and a long-distance motorcycle rider into a blender and swirl it all around? You end up with a broken blender, a waste of good chocolate and a 2GreenEnergy “Business Director.” (At least that title is shorter than listing the varied marketing and business technology hats I wear).

I used to think I knew a little about renewable energy before co-founding 2GreenEnergy.com with good buddy and compatriot, Craig Shields. What I have since learned is that the complexities posited from various quarters as to what are the most responsible ways to ensure a better future for all — at least as it relates to the air and water we breathe, and more vitally, the energy we consume — are more varied than I was able to earlier imagine.

On the one hand, I may be more informed now, as a result of the 2GreenEnergy community. But I’m also less confident about the exact specifics regarding the best renewable energy solutions. Which simply means I have more to learn….

Perhaps you’ll contribute to the conversation here at 2GreenEnergy, where I like to consider “The business of clean energy is everbody’s business.”

Be sure to write in if you have any suggestions or comments about how 2GreenEnergy can better serve your needs.

And if you have any insights into new and exotic, organic dark chocolate (the darker the better), I’ll be interested….


PS: Lest I leave you with the impression that all I do is ride motorcycles coast-to-coast to visit and take pictures in National Parks, while eating dark chocolate (however true that may be), you can learn more about my professional eccentricities at SkyworksMarketing.com


Download a free e-copy of Craig’s first book, a #1 best-seller in energy on Amazon.com: “Renewable Energy–Facts and Fantasies.”

Want to understand the thorny challenges in technology, economics, and politics that face the clean energy industry? Download the book.




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