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Cyclo Ocean — Clever Start-up in Ocean-Current Hydrokinetics

I just got off the phone with Paul Greyschock, from hydrokinetics start-up Cyclo Ocean in Vero Beach, FL. There were a couple of items that made this conversation noteworthy. First is the technology itself. If you check out the website,

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[The Vector] Harnessing the Ocean for Energy: the New Frontier?

The world’s oceans are a new frontier in the renewable energy world. Ocean energy is emerging and will be ‘make or break’ in the next five years, says the firm Pike Research that focuses on research and analysis of renewable

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[The Vector] Ocean Energy Projects – An International Sampling

The Vector recently ran a story on the potential of ocean energy.  Following up on that story, The Vector is reporting on some international ocean energy projects that are being installed, tested or are in operation.  A further story on domestic

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[The Vector] Ocean Energy Projects – A Domestic Sampling

The Vector has written about Ocean Energy in earlier posts. Today we highlight some exciting domestic projects. ** The first U.S. Wave Energy farm launched a test program this spring in Oregon. Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) is running the test program,

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