Americans Looking More Favorably on Renewable Energy

Here’s a piece of good news: according to research giant Navigant, American consumers are beginning to look upon the concept of renewable energy more favorably

Here in the States, the whole clean energy industry took a terrible drubbing in the year leading up to the 2012 election.  Romney, who spent over $1 billion on his campaign which garnered 47% of the popular vote, ran on the platform that climate change is a hoax and that renewable energy is a “fad.”  The incumbent, President Obama, who also spent over $1 billion on his campaign, refused to say anything quite this asinine, but successfully ignored the whole subject of energy and its role in a sustainable future.  Obama was able to dodge this point, essentially since very few people cared about the subject; the environment was #16 on voters’ list of priorities when they went to the polls that November.   

Now, however (for some reason) the common American is starting to come around on the subject.  That can only be good. Even the dog seems to be smiling.  

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One comment on “Americans Looking More Favorably on Renewable Energy
  1. This is a very good thing Craig. Thanks for spreading optimism for renewable energy.

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