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Craig Shields, Editor 2GreenEnergyWelcome to 2GreenEnergy.com, and thanks for being here.

What’s behind the rapid migration to clean energy? It’s business. The world is awakening to the fact that renewable energy is well on its way to becoming a multi-trillion dollar industry. And perhaps the fact that you’re reading this right now suggests that you’d personally like to play a role in taking all this forward.

I hope you’ll hunt around and read through some of our discussions on what I call the “tough realities” facing renewable energy: the real world technological, economic, and political challenges facing the migration to clean energy. Insofar as we live in a world of business, it’s clear to me that renewables – in any of its forms – will fail if we cannot adequately deal with all three of these factors.

Looked at another way, we owe it to ourselves to understand these three forces if we are to have an informed and responsible discussion on the subject. To that end, I never cease reading and writing, educating myself on this incredibly complex subject. I find this process exciting, and it certainly enables me to be a better business consultant in the space.

To the best of my ability, I try to bring my background – my physics degree, and especially my experiences from 25+ years as a marketing consultant – to solve the problems faced by clean energy businesses at this most critical juncture.  Here’s my resume’, if that adds any clarity here.

I also commit myself to a series of annual writing projects. My first book, Renewable Energy – Facts and Fantasies (2010), explores the “tough realities” that our civilization faces in the migration away from fossil fuels. My second book, Is Renewable Really Doable? (2012) is a “deeper dive” into the imperative to move to clean energy, as well as the challenges we face in the process. My most current project: Renewable Energy – Following the Money, was published in 2013

I can’t begin to express my thanks for the support that 2GreenEnergy has received from countless thousands of people around the world who share my vision for a sane and responsible world energy policy.

Craig Shields

Download a free e-copy of Craig’s first book, a #1 best-seller in energy on Amazon.com: “Renewable Energy–Facts and Fantasies.”

Want to understand the thorny challenges in technology, economics, and politics that face the clean energy industry? Download the book.




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