Elon Musk on the Imperative to Migrate to Renewable Energy

How can anyone can look upon the work of Elon Musk and not be blown away?  For a moment, ignore his other ventures and consider the astonishing success of Tesla Motors alone—a start-up a few years ago that in very short order has stood the auto industry on its ear. Read more ›

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Rejection of Coal Export Facility Is Good News–But It Gets Even Better

Two Reasons the Rejection of Coal Export Facility Is Good NewsHave you ever wondered why the far right wing tends to support fossil fuels and fights against renewable energy? They don’t have children—or bronchial tubes? They hate trees, clean air, and oceans that support life?

Some speculate that the phenomenon is this: if liberals like something, they feel they’re somehow forced to hate it. I honestly don’t know. It’s a mystery, to be sure, one that may never unravel.

Yet I’m wondering if the far right isn’t starting to come around on this, rendering the entire discussion moot. Here’s news that dealt a crushing blow to Big Coal: the rejection of a permit for a coal export facility in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Yes, it’s good news for those of us with lungs—and, what’s even better, the rejection was supported by a huge variety of people with an enormous range of political views.

Maybe we’re getting somewhere.


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From UK Guest Blogger Ann: The Real Price of Air Pollution–A Business Owner’s Guide

The Real Price of Air Pollution--A Business Owner's Guide

It’s not easy being green sometimes. Even the most well-intentioned eco-warrior can let their priorities slip once in a while, and as the colder half of the year comes round the corner we’re all guilty of ‘forgetting’ our principles on occasion in the face of warmth and coziness. Let’s face it: when you come in from work and can’t feel your fingers there’s nothing better than curling up with the radiator on full blast; and when it’s pouring with rain outside and you’ve got somewhere to be, who would honestly rather huddle under an umbrella or get drenched dashing for the bus than travel in the cozy comfort of their own car? Read more ›

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Why Is the Migration to Renewables Assured? Let’s Start with Cheap Wind

Why Is the Migration to Renewables Is Assured?  Let’s Start with Cheap WindAs I’ve mentioned, the theme of my new book project “Bullish on Renewable Energy – Eleven Reasons Why Clean Energy Investors Can’t Lose” is that, when it comes to the migration to clean energy, the good guys are in the process of emerging victorious–merely on the strength of market economics.  As the title suggests, there are many reasons, but here’s a big one: cheap wind. Fossil fuels simply cannot compete against wind energy when power purchase agreements are being signed at $25/mWh.

Ding dong, the witch is dead.



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Waste To Energy

Waste To EnergyHere’s a good article on waste to energy with an accompanying video that was created by my colleague at Renewable Energy World, Jennifer Runyon. Quite appropriately, Jennifer emphasizes that this project, which happens to feature methane digestion as a technology to transform some of the chemical energy in municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity, effectively “kills two birds with one stone,” generating a bit of power in an area that needs it desperately, while disposing of a huge amount of MSW, which is an enormous problem in Lagos, Nigeria, a city of 20 million people.

Fortunately, there are technologies that more efficiently extract the energy from our waste streams, e.g., gasification, that figure prominently into a couple of our clean energy investment opportunities, for example, this one in Bangkok, Thailand.


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Quest for Sustainability — Check Out the Boom in Corporate Social Responsibility

Quest for Sustainability -- Check Out the Boom in Corporate Social ResponsibilityOur civilization certainly has its problems vis-à-vis sustainability—whether we’re talking about energy, food, water, social justice, law-making, or any number of other important arenas. But at the same time, we’re addressing these issues with enormous volumes of intellectual horsepower.

Case in point: university programs addressing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Impact Investing, and Social Enterprises. Check out the huge rate of growth in the popularity of these programs in the leading business schools, e.g., The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, NYU Stern, Kellogg School of Management, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, etc.



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Ultra-Right-Wing Causes Work to Suppress Renewable Energy–But Is Support Waning?

Ultra-Right-Wing Causes Work to Suppress Renewables--But Is Support Waning? I spend an hour or so every day on my new book project: Bullish on Renewable Energy – Eleven Reasons Why Clean Energy Investors Can’t Lose. Actually, the current count is 14, but since that changes every time I have a new idea or decide to consolidate two similar chapters, I might as well stick with 11 for now.

Here’s a new one: Support Is Waning for Ultra-Right-Wing Causes That Work to Suppress Renewables Read more ›

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Bringing Solar PV to Rural India

Bringing Solar PV to Rural IndiaThere are so many ways in which the migration to renewable energy improves people’s lives. I’ve often written about what I consider to be the biggest single bang for the buck in terms of social betterment: bringing rural electrification to people in the developing countries, dramatically improving local folks’ prospects for education. Read more ›

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Ford Motor Company Will Soon Have Large Solar Carport

Ford Motor Company To Build Large Solar CarportI can’t say enough about the people who work in entry-level positions at the iconic ad agency Ogilvy and Mather. They work hard, they’re fabulously bright, and they’re profoundly respectful. One in particular (whom I won’t identify) and I have forged something of a friendship during her tenure at O&M, in her service of their mega-client, Ford Motor Company. She asked me to write something about Ford’s press release the other day, and, with these keystrokes, I’m doing precisely that.

It seems that recently: Read more ›

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OTEC and Carbon Sequestration

OTEC and Carbon Sequestration I spoke with the author of this piece on OTEC and carbon sequestration for almost an hour the other night.  But, though OTEC does indeed have the potential to aid in sequestering CO2, this is not really straightforward.

The hot layer at the top of a tropical ocean tends to lock the mineral/nutrient-rich water below a thermocline, i.e., a thermal “front” or boundary. Read more ›

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