From Guest Blogger Jen – A Guide to Energy Savings & Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

A Guide to Energy Savings & Eco-Friendly Products for Your HomeMaking your home more eco-friendly doesn’t just help the environment in a big way. It can also increase comfort levels, make your home a healthier place to live, and ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. When you look at the statistics, decking your home out with eco-friendly products really is a no-brainer.

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Good Article in RenewableEnergyWorld: Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

Here’s an article that underlines what I’ve been telling the world for the past year or so: based on simple extrapolations for the cost and growth curves of fossil vs. renewable resources, the battle for energy resource supremacy is over, and the good guys have won.

Here’s a particularly exuberant comment: Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Jenny: Why “Green” Is In The Car Wash

Why "Green" Is In The Car WashWhile its predecessors in the 20th century cleaned equally well, the latest car washes are not only a huge convenience for car owners but also makes the most of the limited natural resources that they use. In particular, 21st century car washes are extremely efficient and can even reasonably be called environmentally friendly. Here’s why:

Higher Pressure Nozzles – Originally, a little bit of cleanser and copious amounts of water were the typical “modus operandi” of the neighborhood car wash. There days, the detergents are high-tech and high pressure nozzles – designed to remove dirt but not hurt the car’s finnish – are more cost-effective and affordable for cleaning vehicles. In most cases, newer car washes use 50% less water than their old counterparts. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Anja: UK Sets New Record For Wind Power Production

UK Sets New Record For Wind Power ProductionInvesting in renewable energy sources means investing in our future. While 2014 was an excellent year for wind energy, 2015 is already showing great potential. In fact, the newest statistics are indicating an annual market growth of 44 percent and installations of more than 51 GW of wind energy. Asia is holding its position as a world leading market followed by emerging markets in Africa and Latin America while Europe is facing a slight downturn.

According to research done by GreenMatch and the Global Wind Energy Council, the UK has broken its previous record for generated wind power and is now the European leader in the offshore wind industry. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger James: A Green Home–Cutting Bills through Environmental Measures

A Green Home--Cutting Bills through Environmental MeasuresEco-friendliness and sustainability are the new watchwords and we all naturally want to play a part in protecting dwindling resources. There are many steps we can take at home to increase our green credentials and an additional benefit is that in the process we will also substantially reduce our utility bills.

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From Guest Blogger Dr. Bulb: California’s Title 24 – Is It Actually Conserving Energy?

Dr. Bulb: California’s Title 24 - Is It Actually Conserving Energy?A public school district in California had no choice but to cancel a necessary lighting upgrade due to strict energy codes. Because of this, the local schools will be stuck with the same inefficient and ineffective lighting that was installed decades ago. This decision will affect many, but most importantly, it will affect the students.

State energy codes are meant to encourage and enforce property managers to choose the most energy-efficient options available in a time when environmental conservation and the consumption of resources is becoming a global concern. Read more ›

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Soon China Will Exceed the U.S. in Climate Change Emissions—But There Is a More Important and More Interesting Story Here

Here’s a fairly decent conversation about the world’s largest polluters, who’s emitting what, and how this is all changing as Asia continues to grow in terms of energy use per capita, and in terms of its overall contribution to the world manufacturing scene.

In the article, somewhere along the discussion of who’s taking over 4th place, etc., etc., someone makes a good point: “All countries now have responsibility. It’s not just a story about China — it’s a story about the whole world,” said Ottmar Edenhofer of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and co-chair of a U.N. climate report last year.” Read more ›

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This Form of Renewable Energy Cannot Be Found in the U.S.

This Form of Renewable Energy Cannot Be Found in the U.S. Quick quiz: What form of renewable energy is entirely absent in the U.S., though it’s quite prevalent in Europe?


Read more ›

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One of Countless Biomass Projects That Won’t Work

One of Countless Biomass Projects That Won't WorkA reader wanted my feedback on a business plan that would sort soiled horse bedding into clean bedding, compost, and fire-logs.

I don’t find the business plan compelling. This concept implies collecting and sorting horse waste from farms all over the US, to create a low-value product. Read more ›

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From a Guest Blogger: How to Generate Your Own Energy and Slash Your Heating Bills

How to Generate Your Own Energy and Slash Your Heating BillsIn light of the high cost of energy these days, finding ways to reduce your energy expenditure should be a top priority. There are many ways to do this. Making your home more energy-efficient is one, but it is also worth looking into ways of generating your own electricity. It may be that you can’t generate enough to take care of all of your needs, but if you can at least supplement your supplies, this will help to save you money and reduce your reliance on expensive and ultimately finite energy sources.  In this article, energy management system company Blue Pillar explains some of the renewable energy options available to you. Read more ›

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