Campaign Reform Juggernaut MaydayPAC Targets Fred Upton for Removal: It Can’t Happen Too Soon

I hope a great number of readers here are following the “MaydayPAC,” which, according to its website, is:

an independent political action committee (“superPAC”) that aims to elect a Congress committed to fundamental reform in the way political campaigns are funded by 2016. The PAC will operate in both the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. Read more ›

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Another Round of Thanks to Jigar Shah, Renewable Energy Super-Entrepreneur

Another Round of Thanks to Jigar Shah, Renewable Energy Super-EntrepreneurAgain, I need to thank Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison, author of Creating Climate Wealth, and former CEO of Carbon War Room, the global organization founded by Richard Branson and Virgin United.  Not only did he grant me a really good interview on the re-regulation of our power utilities for my current book project ( “Bullish on Renewable Energy – Eleven Reasons Why Clean Energy Investors Can’t Lose”), but he sent me this quote for the back cover: Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Romeo: Enormous Energy Consumption – The Dark Side Of 3D Printing

printing energy consumption

There has been a lot of hype lately concerning the 3D printing technology with many technology environmentalists hailing it as a great way of eliminating manufacturing waste. While there is some truth in what you can do through this technology to lower waste in manufacturing, there is no doubt that this technology has a dark side as far as energy consumption is concerned. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Alicia: Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using Renewable Energy

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using Renewable EnergyAll sources of renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass, provide not only substantial benefits for our climate and environment, but for our economy and health as well. A recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that is we start making smart investments now; the US could be getting 80% of its energy from renewable resources by 2050. Below are some of the reasons of why we want that to happen, as well as some comparisons between the impacts of fossil fuels and renewable energy. Read more ›

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Specialty Hydrocarbon Fluid Production – Another Breakthrough from ExxonMobil

Specialty Hydrocarbon Fluid Production – Another Breakthrough from ExxonMobilThose of us who believe that a rapid migration to renewable energy is underway often point to the raw power of technology advancements.  We cite the numerous improvements in the efficiency of solar, wind, hydro, etc., while noting the downward cascade of costs, as economies of scale are beginning to be achieved worldwide.

But guess what: “the dark side” is doing more than buying congressmen in a desperate ploy to stave off irrelevance; the oil companies are investing heavily in R&D, improving their ability to perform hydrocarbon extraction that would have been impossible a decade ago.  Of course, all this comes with increasing ecological damage, insofar as all the easily accessed crude and gas is long gone, and only the dirtiest and toughest-to-reach stuff remains.  But hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.




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“Realpolitik” and the Cause of Environmentalism

"Realpolitik" and the Cause of EnvironmentalismReaders who subscribe to’s “word of the day” know that today’s offering is “realpolitik,” meaning “political realism or practical politics, especially policy based on power rather than on ideals.” Apparently, “The word comes directly from the German word of the same spelling which means ‘politics of realism.’ It emerged in English in the 1910s.”

This, of course, raises the question: Are environmental causes idealistic, or are they examples of “realpolitik?” Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Ross James: Finding an Approved Biomass Fuel Supplier

Finding an Approved Biomass Fuel Supplier2015 will be here before we know it, and with the new year comes new rules for the renewable energy industry: from spring 2015, all of the biomass fuel used within houses, businesses and any other organisations that are claiming RenewabIe Heat Incentive (RHI) incentive payments must meet stringent emissions targets. Read more ›

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Not Another Drop of Diesel for the Gorgeous Island of El Hierro

Not Another Drop of Diesel for El HierroA part of the Canary Islands, 1000 kilometers out into the Atlantic off the coast of Northern Africa, El Hierro is literally never front-page news, or even back-page news.  In fact, with a landmass of 107 square miles and a population of about 10,000, it’s hard to imagine what the folks on this small but intensely beautiful piece of rock could possibly do to attract the least bit of attention in a world dominated by Ebola and beheadings by religious extremists. Read more ›

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Optimism as a Guiding Principle for Humankind

Walking the dogs with my wife last night, I happened to mention Arthur C. Clark’s  “goodbye” video that he made on his 90th birthday, when he knew he’d soon be leaving his loved ones and his many millions of fans.   In it, he told us:

“I have great faith in optimism as a guiding principle, if only because it offers us the opportunity of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I hope we’ve learnt something from the most barbaric century in history — the 20th. I would like to see us overcome our tribal divisions and begin to think and act as if we were one family. That would be real globalization …” Read more ›

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From Super-2GreenEnergy-Intern Louis de Saint Phalle: Renewable Energy in Brazil

Renewable Energy in Brazil Propelled forward by the economically prosperous and populous Southeastern states of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, rapid economic growth in Brazil has elevated the nation to the 10th largest energy producer in the world and 8th largest energy consumer. The country’s focus on rural access to electricity (99% electrification rate), the public-private hybrid electric market system and general economic conditions are few in a long list of factors that explain why Brazil is one of the few countries where a great number of large renewable energy job and project opportunities is located. If that weren’t enough, the country constantly updates its long-term energy plans and boasts innovation as well as effectiveness in many of its renewable policies. Read more ›

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