Telsa Motors Faces Threats, 24/7/365/…

Telsa Motors Faces Threats, 24/7/365/…It’s so incredibly rare that I agree with anyone who’s written something of any real meaning and value on the financial website Seeking Alpha on the subject of Telsa Motors I thought, I note this exception.

The author states that out-maneuvering its numerous and incredibly powerful competitors is going to be a huge task that will require years of carefully deployed tactics in all major business disciplines with very few slip-ups.  The auto, and, far more  importantly, the oil industry are working in teams around the clock, planning a way to squash Tesla. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakley: How to Make Your Home Green and Sustainable During the Winter Months

 Home Green and SustainableChoosing life inside a green home means doing everything possible to reduce your home’s ecological footprint. Choosing life inside a sustainable home means selecting material, products, and designs which facilitate long term conservation. A sustainable home finds alternatives to our hyper consumer culture’s loop of infinite production, consumption, and deterioration. For winter, home design and regular heat system maintenance are two extremely important factors in green and sustainable living when the temperature drops. Read more ›

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Advanced Nuclear Asks: Does Renewable Energy Pencil Out?

Advanced Nuclear Asks: Does Renewable Energy Pencil Out?Every day we encounter reminders of how quickly the rate of science is advancing.  As it happens, it was exactly 90 years ago today that we learned via the Hubbell Telescope that the Milky Way galaxy was not the entire universe; rather that it was only a small speck within it.  How much farther will the study of astrophysics take us, in the exploration of dark matter, dark energy, and the like? Of course, no one knows, but at the same time, no one needs to be reminded that the constant acceleration of all this work is staggering.  Half of the world’s information was created within the last 24 months. Meaning the world’s information supply (most of it worthless, I’ll admit) is doubling every two years.

This is what I find so strange about most of the proponents of advanced nuclear who work so hard to prove that theirs is the only solution.  I received 14 emails yesterday from this cadre with subject line: “renewables don’t pencil out.”

That’s a bit cavalier, don’t you think?

Sorry, all you wind energy folks Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Jenny Richards: Guidelines for Eco-Friendly Techniques of Web Development

Guidelines for Eco-Friendly Techniques of Web DevelopmentNowadays, just with the help of few clicks we can acquire a lot of data or knowledge on anything. Internet has already become a part and parcel of our life. But the time has come when we should sit back and think a bit about our environment. It has been found out from company reviews and research that every single website that is being surfed generally emits 20 milligrams of Carbon dioxide every time. Now let us go through some green techniques that can be used for web development purposes. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Pano: Why Should You Consider Switching to a Hybrid?

Why Should You Consider Switching to a Hybrid?The increasing popularity of hybrid cars is good news as we edge closer to true zero-emission vehicles. There are now more choices available to buyers with luxury firms like BMW and Porsche becoming interested in the market as well as options for performance-focused vehicles or those suited for families. Here’s just some of the benefits you could expect when you make the switch.

How Do They Work? Read more ›

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What Happens to Big Energy as Whole Countries Say Goodbye to Fossil Fuels?

What Happens to Big Energy as Whole Countries Say Goodbye to Fossil Fuels?As I wrote a few weeks ago, there are tiny bits of land all over the world that are swearing off fossil fuels entirely.  Who knows which country will be the first household name to do the same.  Denmark is certainly a front-runner, with its low population, its solid wind resources, and its ability to sell off-peak production to neighboring Germany. Read more ›

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Amazon Watch: Focusing World Attention on Biodiversity

Amazon Watch: Focusing World Attention on BiodiversityWhat is the single most tangible and immediate effect of our devotion to fossil fuels as the source of the world’s energy?  It’s probably disease.  Because of the oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, as well as the heavy metals and radioactive isotopes that are spewed into the atmosphere as a result of burning coal, peoples of the Earth are getting sick and dying at unprecedented rates.

But, as we all know from what we read, the long-term effects, e.g., climate disruption, ocean acidification, and loss of biodiversity, are probably more ruinous—even though they take place on a larger time scale. Read more ›

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A Brief History of Renewable Energy

A Brief History of Renewable EnergyThere are many small things that bring me delight in my role as “curator” of this site, one of which is the numerous requests I get from people all over the world to use the content here in ways I never could have imagined. The other day a gentleman asked if he could translate one of our infographics (“A Brief History of Renewable Energy”) into Spanish and post it on a wall of his factory.

My response: Absolutely!

Here’s what I just got back. Looks fine to me. :)




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A History of Nuclear Disasters

A History of Nuclear DisastersA friend just sent me this:  Craig, you might be interested in reading this book: Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima. I found it informative, entertaining and sobering. Well-written.

Thanks very much. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Jenny Richards: How to Choose the Best Energy Saving Company

Have you moved to a new place and are trying to find yourself a new energy supplier? Or are you dissatisfied with the current plan you have and want to choose a new energy supplier? There are many options available as far as gas and electricity supply companies go. You can even choose to have separate providers for each fuel, or a single one for both. Read more ›

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