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From Guest Blogger Jeannette: The Philippine Paradox: The Weather, the Attitudes and the Sustainability in Construction

Contrary to popular belief, the Philippines has four kinds of weather, namely: hot, very hot, rainy, and very rainy. To say that the Philippine weather is unpredictable is an understatement. It may be hot and dry in one minute and

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From a Guest Blogger: Five Ways to Use Less Water in the Office

Although life on earth could not subsist without water, the waste of this precious commodity causes many environmental problems. Worldwide, millions of people do not have easy access to safe, clean water, yet in first-world countries, few people think twice

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High-Efficiency, Power-Dense Electric Motors for Moving Large Volumes of Water

I wrote this post yesterday, when I was a few minutes early for the start of an event at the downtown Los Angeles office of the Nature Conservancy. I had come into the city for four separate meetings, of which

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From Guest Blogger Jove Arthur: Top 3 Tips for Making Your House Water Efficient

One of the most common ways to create an energy efficient house is by sealing it so that air can neither come in or out. This way, heaters or air conditioner won’t work as hard to either warm or cool

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Book Launch: "Is Renewable Really Doable?"

It’s time to launch my second book, Is Renewable Really Doable? on The big day: March 15, 2012. I hope you will mark your calendar, and buy the book on that date. To help generate interest in the subject,

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From Guest Blogger John Robbins: Energy Use – Create Personal Standards and Expectations

People need direct and clear instructions, like road signs or charts in a doctors office.  A speed limit sign doesn’t say “Slow speed by 20%” when entering a school zone.  It says “Do not exceed 20 mph”.  If a doctor

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Renewables Are Cool, But Using Less Energy Is Far Better

Frequent Commenter John F. Robbins writes this marvelous response to the 2GreenEnergy survey on renewables: The most missing question or comment in your survey and most of this blog is how to move away from the current energy-guzzling nature of

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Take a COOL Guess – the Fun Quiz on Clean Energy (and Global Warming Remedy). Today’s Topic: Wind Turbines

Wind turbine

Question: Approximately what percentage of the theoretical maximum amount of energy of the wind, flowing past the familiar three-blade turbines, is extracted and moved into the turbine shaft? Answer: Can be found at Relevance: We come across numerous attempts

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Renewable Energy is Coming – But Why?

Craig Shields at the US Capitol

The other day I wrote a post on my Renewable Energy World blog which garnered a number of interesting comments that I thought I’d pass along. I began the post by indicating that important events in the world generally happen

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An Engineer Comments on "Renewable Energy and Basic Physics"

Solar Thermal

My friend Geoffrey Nicholson comments my post “Renewable Energy and Basic Physics”: Craig, I couldn’t agree more.  Other than geothermal energy, all the other sources of energy available to us originally came from solar energy and with a rather lossy

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