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Investing in Waste-to-Energy

Here’s a short video on a waste-to-energy deal in one of the world’s largest population centers. Dealing with municipal solid waste (MSW) is a serious challenge, but, as is often the case, there’s a twist… As Donald Trump famously said,

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Concentrated Solar Power — Hot Clean Energy Plan

Here’s a few minutes of video on a business plan I really love. It’s a breakthrough in concentrated solar power, or CSP, aka solar thermal energy, made by a guy I’ve met and come to know and trust. And I

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Electric Bicycles – What is an EMCycle?

I was pleased to have EMCycle CEO Michael Scholey on the 2GreenEnergy Report recently discussing electric bicycles with me. I believe that he’ll have considerable success with his own unique product in this exciting market space, and I thought he

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The Next Step for Your Clean Tech Business — A One-Day Review Gets You Ready to Attract Investors, Partners, and Customers

Are you developing a new technology? Preparing to launch a new business model? Looking for ways to expand your market reach? Here’s an idea that might help, articulated in this video, and in the text beneath. 

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Electric Transportation, Fossil Fuels, and "Internalizing the Externalities"

Do you have a clean energy story that you’d like to tell the world? One day each month, I shoot a series of short television shows called the “2GreenEnergy Video Report” in which I interview folks with interesting stories to

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Wind Energy and Compressed Air Energy Storage

Here’s a summary of a business plan in which an entrepreneur hopes to implement compressed air energy storage (CAES) in conjunction with a set of wind farms.  CAES shows some promise as an energy storage solution, though considerable work needs

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The Hydrogen Economy and the Migration from Fossil Fuels

Here, 2GreenEnergy Video Report host George Alger interviews me on the hydrogen economy: what it means, its validity, and its ramifications.

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Cold Fusion — Hoax or Legitimate Science?

Here, 2GreenEnergy Report host George Alger interviews me on cold fusion. While I’m as skeptical as the next guy, I see no reason to throw the concept out the window, and dismiss it as impossible.

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Why Investors and Entrepreneurs are Struggling to Profit in Clean Energy

This is a much cooler video on my report “Tough Realities for Renewable Energy Businesses,” made by 2GreenEnergy Business Manager George Alger. Great job, George! This report just hit the streets this morning, and the reaction to it has been

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