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2GreenEnergy’s Latest Webinar: Smart Grids, Smart Cities

Here’s July’s webinar, which I conducted the other day with Jesse Berst, internationally known technology and business analyst, founder and chief analyst of  Smart Grid, and founder and Chairman of the  Smart Cities Council. I hope readers will check

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Advanced Rail Energy Storage — Webinar

Here’s a webinar I conducted yesterday on Advanced Rail Energy Storage, or ARES, a new concept in cost-effective, grid-scale energy storage.  I interviewed ARES CEO Jim Kelly, and covered a range of issues spanning the physics and economics of energy

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Webinar: "A Dawn In Solar Investing" Features Esplanade Capital's Shawn Kravetz

Here’s a webinar called “A Dawn In Solar Investing” that I recorded with Esplanade Capital’s Shawn Kravetz when I was in Boston last Tuesday.  Shawn is the founder of a hedge fund that focuses on the global PV world; he’s

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Windstream — Affordable Micro-Wind At Last

Here is our webinar for July, in which I interviewed Dan Bates, CEO of WindStream, a company with an exciting advancement in micro-wind. I begin by taking a step back from wind power, and micro-wind in particular, and noting that

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Biofertilizer / Biogas Webinar

In June’s webinar, I interviewed Robert Orr, CEO of Landhi.  The manure from 400,000 buffaloes in a tightly confined area of Southern Pakistan is creating one of the worst ecological disasters and threats to human health on the planet.  A

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June's Webinar – Waste to Energy

Our guest for this month’s webinar is Robert Orr of Manchester, England, who will tell us about his quest to build a facility to turn buffalo dung in Southern Pakistan into fertilizer and energy. We are talking about a huge

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May's Webinar: Electric Trucks

Sorry for the last-minute notice, but if you’re available tomorrow at 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT), and you’re looking for some insight into the electric vehicle market (electric trucks in particular), please join Dr. Brooks Agnew, CEO of Vision

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Webinar: Aeroponics and Locally Grown Food

In April’s webinar we delved into the subject of aeroponics, a cutting-edge technology for growing produce in a carefully orchestrated mixture of air, water, and minerals. The relevance to renewable energy? As energy becomes scarcer and as our climate changes

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Webinar on Aeroponics and Locally Grown Food

Here is the archived webinar from April 2012, in which I interview Rafael Quesada, CEO of Tower Harvest, on the subject of aeroponics.  The company offers a low-cost way of growing organic produce in urban areas and other “food deserts.”

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This Month's Webinar: Sustainable Supplies of Food

Clean energy is just a part of the overall sustainability movement, yet it stands at the center of so many important issues. For example, the world supply of water and food are dependent on abundant energy, thus our very survival

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