Specialists in Matching Start-Ups with Investment Capital

Specialists in Matching Start-Ups with Sources of Investment Capital
If you’re an accredited investor looking to become part of a clean energy business rooted in unique, patented technology, you should know that 2GreenEnergy is in daily contact with dozens of inventors, engineers, and clean energy business people with terrific ideas waiting to be taken to market.

Of the many hundreds of business plans in clean energy, electric transportation, and sustainability more generally that we receive each year, certain of them stand out as eminently qualified to receive funding from angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and institutional investors that may have an appetite for this burgeoning industry.

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Electric Vehicles 1 Clever design on high-quality light-duty pick-up trucks, to be built in US; MSRP under $25,000. Read more… $12 Million
Electric Vehicles 2 Unique e-bike design with dozens of enthusiastic dealers already in place. Read more… $5 Million
Electric Vehicles 3 The proprietor of an extremely successful e-bike store with exclusive relationships with the very top manufacturers is looking for an investor/partner to enable further expansion, including e-motorcycles and e-scooters. Read more… $375K
Wind 4 Wind farm in the southern US, will implement compressed air energy storage using top-flight engineering team. Terrific technology; perfect application. Read More… $40 Million
Wind 5 The company manufactures wind turbines in the USA that are small enough, efficient enough, and affordable so that virtually everyone can reduce his/her environmental impact – as well as the electricity bill. A leader in the micro-wind industry, the company has a large base of satisfied customers, as well as a huge sales pipeline. Read more… Publicly traded: (OTC) WSTI
Wind 6 Today’s wind turbines are larger and produce better quality electricity than turbines of ten years ago, but are no more economic. This company’s wind turbine employs advanced two-blade downwind rotor technology that allows them to generate as much electricity as comparable three-blade upwind turbines using half the amount of material. This capital cost reduction is expected to reduce the cost of wind generated electricity by 30-35% compared with today’s industry leaders. Read more… $2 Million
Wind 7 An extremely savvy group of European businesspeople is developing a small (1 MW) wind farm on a bluff in Sardinia, the windiest part of Italy. Since power that comes from wind turbines rated under 60 KW is greeted with a huge feed-in tariff (26.8 Eurocents per KWh for 20 years), this is the direction they’re taking, i.e., building an array of 18 specially built 55 KW turbines to generate a total nameplate capacity. Read more… 2.65 Euro
Biomass 8 Unique, patented approach to thermal anaerobic gasification. Read more… $39 Million
Biomass 9 An “omnivorous” modular biomass machine whose patented pyrolysis technology has been operating successfully in Eastern Europe for almost three consecutive years. Perfect for waste-tire, unrecyclable plastics, etc. Read more… $4 Million
Biomass 10 Patented pyrolysis technology to be deployed in one of the world’s largest cities to convert 3000 tons of MSW per day into 130 megawatts of electricity plus ancillary products. 25-year power purchase agreement is solidly in place, signed off at the highest level of government. Read more… $400 Million
Biomass 11 In a small but stable country in Central America, an extremely well-connected entrepreneur plans to convert a large and steady stream of municipal solid waste to electricity, bringing electrical power to many towns and villages for the first time. The power purchase agreement is quite favorable, and the internal rate on return for investors is extremely attractive.
Read more…
$250 Million
Solar Thermal 12 Two small CSP plants in the western US, implementing a breakthrough in cost reduction. Attractive IRR. PPAs in place. Read more… $15 Million
Synthetic Fuels 13 Breakthrough in use off-peak wind energy to recycle waste CO2 into transportation fuels. Read more… $40 Million
Energy Storage 14 A breakthrough in zinc-air battery technology – soon to offer (15,000 cycle) rechargeable batteries at $165/kWh. Will have huge impacts on electric transportation and large-scale utility storage. Read more… TBD
Hydrokinetics 15 A group of financial/energy professionals has assembled a package of 13 “small” (1 – 10 mW) and “micro” (less than 1 mW) run-of-river hydrokinetics projects in Southeastern Brazil – in the heart of the country’s industrial and population centers — and its transmission grid. Read more… $7 Million
Hydrokinetics 16 A unique approach that applies nicely to hydrokinetics in high head conditions, e.g., waterfalls or steep rapids. In the right conditions, it’s an excellent solution to providing clean power to certain parts of the world. Read more… $5 Million
Hydrokinetics 17 Of all the attempts to harness the enormous amount of energy that exists in the strong and predictable ocean currents, I believe this makes the most sense. It’s a unique approach and capability that results in very high reliability and survivability, at an extremely attractive cost. Read more… $5 Million
Wave 18 Here’s the only ocean wave energy device I’ve ever seen that will function cost-effectively. Wave has a great number of characteristics that make it attractive: it’s not perfectly constant, but it has nowhere near the variability of solar and wind. It’s close to population centers, it can be very low-maintenance and reliable, and again, most importantly, it has the potential to provide a very low levelized cost of energy. Read more… $5 Million
Wave 19 Here’s an innovative solution to generating energy from ocean waves. It’s a device that floats on the surface of the ocean and articulates (bends back and forth) in response to passing ocean waves, then converts that wave energy into electricity which is sent to shore via an industry standard subsea cable — or used to power offshore drilling rigs. The real reason to get excited about this: it’s far more cost-effective than anything of its kind. Read more… $750K
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) 20 There are numerous entities with pre-commercial OTEC projects somewhere in the R&D stage. We’re connected with the group that we believe to be furthest along, with a rich and talented team, and live projects in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Read more… Publicly traded:


Biofertilizer and Biogas 21 The manure from 400,000 buffaloes in a tightly confined area of Southern Pakistan is creating one of the worst ecological disasters and threats to human health on the planet. A talented team of people stands ready to expand their pilot plant that is creating small but predictable amounts of compost, liquid fertilizer and biogas up to the scale necessary to tackle the problem, while creating an income stream of over $100 million annually. Read more… $5 Million
Sustainable Agriculture 22 Advanced concept in aeroponics (growing produce in a carefully controlled mixture of water, air, and minerals) sells directly to progressive supermarket chains, as well as through distribution. The company is already garnering great publicity, as its mission directly addresses several key issues facing society: locally grown foods, organic farming, world hunger, and scarcity of water in developing countries. Read more… $1 Million
Sustainable Agriculture 23 This company has developed a proven, proprietary process by which it captures a significant amount of gaseous ethanol from the fermentation of grape juice to make wine – gas that, up until recently, was released into the atmosphere. Ethanol, a volatile organic compound (VOC), is a significant cause of pollution that large vintners can no longer legally ignore in places like California (home to 88% of the U.S. wine-making capacity).
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$40 Million
Sustainable Building Products 24 This company maintains a proven, proprietary process by which it takes waste streams (some of them toxic, e.g., coal ash) and turns them into profit centers in the form of polymer composites, extruded into high-quality building products (especially roofing shingles) that are structurally superior in strength and stiffness, as well as resistant to fire, weather, mold and termites.
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$10 Million
Sustainable Building Products 25 Integrating solar energy of one form or another into building products is nothing new. This concept, however, is the very best out of many dozens I’ve come across over the years. This company has an internationally patented approach to providing hot water for residences of all types, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.
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$10 Million
Clean Diesel 26 This company has a huge opportunity: the market for improved environmental performance in Class 8 (over 33,000 pounds gross vehicle weight) diesel trucks. Of course, the advancement doesn’t make it perfect, but it’s far better than what we have now. They’ve designed and tested a series hybrid drive train (meaning that an internal combustion engine generates electricity to run a motor) that will improve MPG ratings economy by at least 50%, and possibly as much as 100%.
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$1.8 Million
Water Conservation 27 A unique application of the Internet of Things to the challenge facing civilization with respect to conserving water. The core product is a “smart-home” network that can be quickly, easily and economically retrofitted in existing multifamily housing complexes that monitors the use of the major points of water usage: toilets, showers, and washers.
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